helenandherimperfectworld prompted (shortened): Blaine forgets an important anniversary and kitty!Kurt is not happy

Blaine entered the apartment quietly, holding a bouquet of roses carefully as he toed off his shoes and shrugged off his jacket. It was dark and in the silence, even the smallest of movements sounded loud to Blaine’s ears. 

He tiptoed to the living room, wincing as he saw a bed made ready on the couch. He glanced at the kitchen where a plate full of sushi was placed neatly on the center of the table and some half-made rolls were on the counter with a bottle of white wine that was probably warm by now. He sighed, well aware that he had screwed up and,made his way to the bedroom. 

"Kurt?" he said as he pushed the door open. "Kurt, honey?" 

The bundle on the bed didn’t answer but Blaine knew his boyfriend well enough to know he was not sleeping. 

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There is an old gay cliche that you can spot the bottoms in the bar because they throw their arms above their heads when dancing.


Just saying…

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Adjustments [Kurt/Blaine] G


Written for my dear spiritedquill.

Obligatory AC-breaks-during-a-heatwave fic, featuring grumpy Kurt and cuddly Blaine.  Enjoy!  Set before New New York during the summer after graduation.

~1,300 words

It was the seventh hottest day of the year and the air conditioner had stopped working again.

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