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S04E06 Glease

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Fic: New Guy


Summary: Kurt doesn’t really think he has a type until suddenly he meets the very embodiment of it, dressed in cheap polyester and with way too much gel in his hair.

A/N: Written for the klainebingo prompt “pining.” Yes, I finally remembered I have a bingo card!

College/waiters Klaine, ~3,200 words

He’s wiping down the counter at the mostly empty diner an hour into his night shift, when the boss emerges from the back, chattering away with someone Kurt has never seen before. Someone short, in a waiter’s uniform and a ridiculous amount of gel in his hair. Someone who apparently works here now.

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[Fic] Songs that Voices Never Share


Here’s the comfort!sex fic I failed to post to Tumblr last week! Most of it I wrote immediately in response to 3x22 at the time it aired. Then it sat neglected for years. I posted the start of it for an old WIP snippet meme a while back. I decided to finish it as something warm and fuzzy since fandom was feeling down during the hiatus. It’s actually ended up rather melancholy though, knowing the break up is just a few months ahead of these kids.

Songs that Voices Never Share

Kurt/Blaine | Drama/Erotica | MA/NC-17 | comfort!sex, mild kink | After getting his rejection from NYADA, Kurt can’t talk about it. Blaine doesn’t need him to. | Set after “In the World of Silence” around 3x22 “Goodbye”, and continuing the conceit of following the development of Kurt & Blaine’s relationship through the lens of their sexual relationship. | ~4,300

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Dianna and Heather on the set of Glee

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"I don’t have time to play tour guide." with Klaine :)


Around the third month of Blaine’s presence in the city, NYADA gets shut down for the day (something about Cassandra July contaminating the school’s water supply with home-made vodka—or something), and Kurt has all sorts of plans.
He has to finish his report on whether or not Jazz has been appropriated by mainstream culture, it’s his turn to do the grocery shopping, and he has an afternoon shift at the diner.
The break from school is a blessing, but he is quite busy.
Meanwhile, Blaine finished his presentation on an introduction to Ballet two days ago—damn his scary organisational skills—, it’s his day free from work and all he has to do is the laundry.
Which could explain why he bounds—literally, he’s like an unleashed puppy (oh, nice image)—towards Kurt with a gigantic smile on his face.

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best of britt

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