I am crying over klaine fic right now because i'm in a sad mood. Does anyone even do that anymore? Anyways i was wondering, what is the saddest klaine fic you've ever read? I need to read some.

THE SADDEST oh my god uhm i don’t read a lot of angst in general but i have a tag i guess. if i die young is a ball of pain for sure, so is going for broke (which isn’t up anymore but here’s a pdf,) pretty sure anyone who’s ever read hurricane has got some scars left over from that, unstable is sad (and very triggering) and uhm pretty woman i still feel that one. i’m just a big fluff whore i don’t even know man i tried.

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I don’t do pep talks.


Glee Cast - Wake Me Up (Glee Cast Version)

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Piece of My Heart (Glee Cast Version feat. Shirley MacLaine)
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The Rose (Glee Cast Version)

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