Favorite Klaine Moments
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Fic: Appreciated


prompted by a lovely anon: some Klaine intergluteal sex with a dash of dirty talk thrown in. (~2k, NC-17). Written fast with no beta. 

“Hey!” Blaine smiles up from where he’s buried in homework at Kurt’s table.

“Mm, hi yourself,” Kurt murmurs, bending low to kiss him softly, then once behind his ear.

“What’s gotten into you?” Blaine asks. Kurt’s fingers have traveled over the slope of his shoulders.

“You seem awfully tense.” Kurt starts to knead the muscles. There’s a playful lilt to his voice.

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Every Glee song ever 
Glory Days


OKAY IMAGINE kurt and blaine are both famous and they’ve never met, they don’t know each other personally, but they’re both fans of each other’s work. and when they get asked questions in interviews like “who is your celebrity crush?” kurt goes, “oh god, that’s embarrassing… blaine anderson.” and they ask, “if you could pick anyone in the world to spend the night with, who would it be?” and blaine laughs and replies, “oof, kurt hummel. done. no doubt whatsoever. next question.” and the media starts catching on and kurt and blaine get set up because they’re both supposed to appear on the same talk show at the same time AND THEY DON’T KNOW THE OTHER IS THERE so they walk out and meet for the first time on live television.

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andrewtbrooks Finding our zen, preparing for the return. @hrhchriscolfer #tbt #glee

andrewtbrooks Finding our zen, preparing for the return. @hrhchriscolfer #tbt #glee

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anon prompted: blaine + worshipping kurt’s nipples

thanks to the lovely caroline for beta reading <3

“Blaine, you really need to stop,” Kurt sighs, squirming slightly. He tries to gently push Blaine off him but it’s helpless. Again and again, Blaine lets his tongue flicker over Kurt’s nipples, taking turns between each pink little nub. He pushes Kurt’s sweater further up, settles his weight on top of him so he can pin Kurt down.

“A-ah,” Kurt gasps, eyelids fluttering shut when Blaine’s warm lips wrap around one of his nipples, sucking gently on it, while pinching Kurt’s other with his fingers.

Blaine.” Kurt’s tone is almost pleading now, heat surging low in his belly. It also doesn’t really help that Blaine hasn’t shaved in a few days, the stubbly skin rubbing against Kurt’s sending extra shivers down his spine.

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You can always grow and learn, and I feel like I’m just scratching the surface.

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