okkaaaaay :D so Kurt needs to write this essay to get his grade at the end of the year, and he really wants to do it because he doesn't want to be a junior for another year and stuff, but Burt gets into the hospital, and he can't really do anything with his paper because he's with him. He started the essay but he knows he can't finish it. When a few days later he goes to school and he just knows that he failed and just waits for it, his teacher tells him how amazing his paper was and /con — gleeddicted


con/ and he’s just confused and stuff and then he finds out that his boyfriend, nerd!Blaine finished his paper for him and sent to the school and like he wrote two papers, one for himself, one for Kurt, and like Kurt is just AASDFGHJKL WHY BABE YOU DIDN’T HAVE TO and Blaine is like “but I wanted to”

I finally decided to write it ^^

Just because Kurt wears torn jeans, a fatigued leather jacket and sports pink streaks in his hair, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t give a crap about his education.

As a matter of fact, contrary to popular beliefs, none of the Skanks are flunking any of their classes—okay, Kurt is the only one who has a shot at being Salutatorian, but still, they all get decent grades.

Ms. Wrigley knows it, and she expects a lot of things from him—she has helped him with his applications for college—but he still has to write his last essay to get his final grade, the one that will be the key to his graduation.

Thank God Kurt has Blaine.

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I see—I’ve always seen—how insanely talented you are. You’re gonna do it all—movies, concerts, Broadway.  You may not know the name Blaine Anderson yet, but you will, soon, when it’s lit up all over Broadway.  I just want to shine a light on what the world should see.

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hey ems, could you maybe recommend some glee positive blogs to follow?? my dash is looking a bit sad these days — Anonymous

mmm you won’t find much glee n//egativity on any blog i follow, i don’t think, or i wouldn’t be following them. so, first of all, casual blogroll link.
BUT let me introduce you to some dear friends of mine who love glee very very very much and never ever say a bad word about it: dreamykurt, hummely, elliottgilbert, grant-gustin, andercriss, klainesupremist, chriscolfuck, kurtfer, colfergust, hummel-berry, aerobicblaine, trufflemores, soulmateklaine, daltoneering, darrenselena, spinmybowtie, andersonhummels, hrhhummel, devoneverett, jakeperalta, nerdevon, controlofwhatido, slightestwind, princehummel, crisspierce, mothastruckas, ok done.

no also glee-gifs is run by angels and the person who runs gleepositivity is a total babe and i looove happygleeplacemckinleydaily, gayklaine, dailykurthummel, and hudberry. ok now i’m done.

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Fic: The Blacksmith’s Son


Written for past!Klaine Week of the WWGTT Happy Klaine Project.

I’d like to thank the wonderful bluecloudsupabove for reading this over for me and for all the encouragement! :)

This might turn into a verse eventually, or at least I have plans for a sequel.


Blaine is sixteen when he first meets the blacksmith’s son.

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Title: Trapped in Amber
Author: Happylittlebumblebee
Word count: 130k
Chapters: 36 + epilogue
Pairings: Kurt/Blaine
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Kurt is drifting through his senior year of high school; he bothers no-one, and finally no-one bothers him. In the four years since his mother’s death when he was thirteen years old, Kurt and his father have become strangers living in the same house. Until one day an overly-enthusiastic transfer student from some private school is asking him for directions, and his father brings home the mother of his once-tormentor.

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I have equal parts film and digital cameras in my collection. I think that there are ways to Photoshop photos so that they look like you shot them on film, but is that as rewarding? It just depends on the person.

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