Hot in Cleveland After The Show: Chris Colfer

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"All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages." - William Shakespeare 

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Your Heart on Your Sleeve


2x18 (Born This Way) reaction fic; Klaine; 2170 words; A03.
Kurt asks Blaine what he would put on his shirt…

"And even after our spectacular Barbra Streisand number at the mall, Rachel is still thinking about getting a nose job. I’m really disappointed in her.” Kurt was changing his clothes while Blaine sat on the edge of Kurt’s bed, Blaine’s hand obediently covering his eyes.

"Really? It doesn’t seem so awful to me." Blaine said.

Kurt pulled his t-shirt on. “Are you serious?”

"Um, yeah? If it makes her feel better about herself, maybe it would be a good thing for her. It doesn’t seem very different than dieting or working out to change the way your body looks."

Kurt considered this. He himself had been known to watch his weight - skinny jeans were not very forgiving, and he liked the way he looked when his tightest ones fit just right. “But she should love herself the way she is.”

"I think that’s easier said than done. And in the end, it’s her choice, right?" Blaine squirmed on the bed, switching the hand he held over his eyes. "Can I open my eyes yet?"

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I’d describe my personal style as 49 Shades of Grey

I’d describe my personal style as 49 Shades of Grey

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There Is A Better World (Klaine, G)


Summary: Kurt comes home to find Blaine in need of comfort. Follows on from Bash (5x15). Written for the Klaine Bingo prompt ‘nightmares’.
Words: 1114
Read on AO3 here.

Blaine wakes up screaming, limbs flailing as he lashes out.

Kurt’s already there, straddling Blaine’s hips and pinning his arms down, using his weight to keep Blaine on the bed and prevent him from doing any damage to himself. “Shh,” Kurt murmurs, and then just keeps talking, an endless stream of nonsense, talking about his day and his latest drama at work and the email he needs to send to Mercedes, anything to bring Blaine back to him and reassure him that it was Kurt holding him now.

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Accidents [Kurt/Blaine] PG


In which Blaine tries to stage a romantic evening by cooking Kurt dinner but ends up hurting himself in the process.  Fluff and comforting snuggles ensue.

Written for my darling theatrevicki, who prompted: “Blaine trying to surprise Kurt with a fancy home cooked meal but he cuts himself while chopping veggies. Cue Kurt coming home and fussing over him. Dinner might be ruined but cuddles ensue.”


~800 words

“I’m sorry that I ruined our romantic evening.”

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