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Interlude [Kurt/Blaine] PG


Short little sick!Kurt fic.  Fluff, fluff, fluff.

~900 words

“Kurt?  Are you – oh, honey.  Are you sick?”

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Summary: Blaine wakes up before Kurt. In more ways than one.

A/N: because ems wanted early!klaine getting off together *u*

Perhaps it was a bit lame to tell Mercedes and Tina that they couldn’t go to the mall after school because they were going to nap.

It’s just that after a long week of classes and dancing and singing, all he really wants to do is curl up beside Kurt and wake up beside Kurt.

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Dianna Agron being adorable before her ALS Ice Bucket Challenge +

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"Laundry Day" - Kurt/Blaine


Early!Klaine.  PWP.  

Kurt is wearing a pair of boxer briefs that leave nothing to the imagination and Blaine has only one thing on his mind.

It starts with a pair of dove gray boxer briefs.

Well, technically, it starts with laundry day.

Kurt had gotten melted chocolate from the chocolate chip cookies they’d baked on his sweatpants and Blaine had offered to put them in the washing machine for him. Somewhere in between being helpful and relocating from the kitchen to Kurt’s bedroom for movie time, his attentions had shifted from “innocent Saturday afternoon with my boyfriend” to Kurt wearing nothing but a pair of last year’s boxer briefs and a tank top, on display standing on tip toe in his walk-in closet.

Blaine, sitting at the end of Kurt’s bed, watches at first through the reflection of the mirror on the closet door behind Kurt and then simply watches Kurt directly, straining to reach something at the back of the top shelf. The boxer briefs cut in at his tiny waist and hug the firm, high shape of his ass like a glove, and when he comes down off of his toes the material is sucked up in between his cheeks, outlining each side in full detail. The muscles in his thighs clench as he shifts around, trying to dislodge the material without indelicately picking at his butt.

Blaine’s cheeks go from warm to inferno in about five seconds.

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Lea Michele attends the Variety And Women In Film Annual Pre-Emmy Celebration on August 23, 2014

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