rachichi-x asked: Blaine and Kurt both get sexiled at college by their respective roommates during their first week of college and meet for the first time in some sort of student lounge area

Boring. Boring. Boring. Infomercial. Boring. Boring. Boring. Bo—wait, is that? no—ring. Blaine slumps on the couch in the lounge, flipping channels in a rather disgruntled fashion and glaring at everything that flickers across the screen. He hadn’t even had time to grab his laptop or a book when Arthur (his roommate) had dragged a rather pretty redhead into their dorm, introduced her as his girlfriend, and then asked Blaine if he could please have some alone time for the next several hours.

Not even four days into his first semester at college and he’s already been sexiled. At least his roommate had the decency to do it in the middle of the afternoon and didn’t expect Blaine to sleep somewhere else that night.

But they really need to come up with some sort of advance warning system—like a text code, or something. That way Blaine can be well out of the room without meeting people and knowing and thinking about—oh god, about what’s going on in his room right now.

Please stay away from my things, please don’t be kinky, please have very, very vanilla sex far away from anything I ever have to touch ever again.

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