"And, you know, I think somebody who I’ll probably always be friends with."



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@msleamichele: always love singing with you 

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Kurt and Blaine head to the Hudson-Hummel home after school to talk and eat and kiss. a (belated) 5x12 reaction fic


"If you don’t tell him, I will."

"Blaine," Kurt huffs, parking the car in the driveway. "It’s really no big deal. It’s not like he doesn’t know I can do it."

"Fine, fine. I can’t believe April gave these to us—"

"Put that down, you’re underage and we’re within a hundred feet of my dad,” Kurt says, grabbing the flask from Blaine’s hand. He hesitates, then sticks it in the glove compartment with his own, hiding them under the papers and other miscellaneous junk. “Don’t let me forget about those.”

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Fan Love: Original cast members thank their fans for getting Glee to 100 episodes!

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Heather Morris and Blake Jenner Talk Glee

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Fic: Not Unusual


Anonymous prompted:  I had this image in my mind of Blaine having one of those weeks and not feeling like talking about it and Kurt coming back in their home in New York and finding him in the same position on the couch for like the umpteenth time and just knowing what it’s troubling his husband/fiance so much and then just sweet cuddling or so…

When Kurt comes home from class on Monday to find Blaine curled up on the couch, staring blankly at the TV, he doesn’t think much of it. He kicks off his shoes by the door, walks over, and drops onto the cushions by Blaine’s feet to pull his legs onto his lap.

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brookelipton: #glee100 Extreme Selfie!!!!! Amazing to have so many faces back. And even more!!!! @GLEEonFOX

brookelipton: #glee100 Extreme Selfie!!!!! Amazing to have so many faces back. And even more!!!! @GLEEonFOX

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