Title: Voluntary
Author: Missbeizy
Word count: 6.4k
Chapters: 1
Pairings: Kurt/Blaine
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Kurt comes home for Winter break and volunteers through an outreach program to spend time with Blaine Anderson while he recovers at home from being assaulted. Kurt is 19, Blaine is 15.

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not now son, daddy’s trying to take a selfie

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"Dear Chris,

I recently met this guy who I thought was pretty hot. We danced the night away and were getting on like a house on fire. I had to make a quick exit at midnight as I was worried my coat would turn back into a pumpkin. But as I left, I accidentally left my shoe behind. He found it and has been going around using it to track me down, it’s kinda creeping me out! Couldn’t he just have asked me for my number? What should I do?

Loads of love,

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is no one else worried about the state of the Anderson family’s credit




Since people wanted to read more of the ficlet where Kurt meets his celebrity crush, porn star Devon James, at the Lima Bean, here’s another part! (~1,700 words)

It’s evening when Kurt finally finds the courage to text Devon back, having spent the day putting it off and over-thinking what to say.

I’m almost tempted to pretend like I have no idea what you’re talking about, just to see what you would say, he settles on and finally sends it to Devon, puts his phone down and looks at himself in the mirror in his room. It’s not even a minute before he gets a reply.

Say…? I’d just link you to one of my videos.

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sebklaine prompt; nc-17 


anonymous prompted: sebklaine with bottom!kurt; both sebastian and blaine fuck kurt

~1700 words 

To be honest, this was the last thing Kurt expected to happen.

And yet, here they are, Kurt on his knees with Sebastian pressing into him from behind, Blaine in front of him, whispering filth and words they’ve just gotten used to saying. It’s so fucking good, with the feeling of Seb inside him and the sound of Blaine’s voice gone all low and thick and right in his head, and he’s so full like this. God, he’s so fucking full

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Little Numbers Prompt #1


anon prompted: i need a blaine/burt text conversation, because reasons

I changed it a “little” bit… (maybe I’ll get to your original prompt one day, don’t be mad!)

Time: Takes place a little after they get together.

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Quinn Fabray + cursing

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