[Can you believe that I’ve been wanting to write fail sex - is that weird?]

It wasn’t a conscious decision. Not a cold start with a planned date and time. No costumes involved except for the ones they always wear.

Blaine was just sitting at his desk as always when Kurt walked in the door. Kurt took a moment to appreciate the heightened awareness of his body once he saw Blaine across the room. There was nothing better than having someone to come home to.

Especially when that someone was still wearing his tweed vest and grey slacks from earlier in the day. Blaine’s button-down shirt was no longer buttoned down, though, the top two opened at the collar and framed by his untied bowtie, the ones at the cuffs undone so the sleeves could be rolled up to the elbow.

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Drabble: Two Sleepy People


I just ended up writing a drabble when listening to the song “Two Sleepy People,” which makes me feel all warm and fuzzy uwu

I actually like this cover the best - because it’s slow and warm. 

So fluffy autumn!klaine for you <3

Outside the coffee shop the weather is cold. Inside, there is a bubble of warmth, coming from both the heating unit and the smoldering fire in the corner. Patrons sit on cozy arm chairs and smooth, worn wooden chairs, sipping coffee out of glass cubs. Some are reading, others conversing quietly among themselves. 

In one particular, oversized arm chair, sharing the space and legs tangled together, are two young men. 

The man wearing a yellow and auburn bowtie, quite in season, yawns. 

"Blaine," says the other, humor in his tone. "Maybe we should get home. It’s getting late."

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Title: Obnoxiously Sexy
Author: Beingalive
Word count: 53k
Chapters: 20
Pairings: Blaine/Sebastian, Kurt/Blaine
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Blaine and Kurt are rival models and meet at an event after a suggestion from Blaine’s agent, Nick. They hate each other but the undeniable chemistry encourages a magazine to believe they would look great together on a photography spread. Will they be able to resist what seems inevitable?



Anonymous prompted: could you write something about how kurt and blaine love each other’s hugs? i’m in the mood for a good ole hug fic *u*

"Nervous?" Blaine asks, and Kurt startles and his hand flails out, accidentally hitting the bottle of hairspray on the bathroom counter. They both watch it hit the wall and fall to the floor with a loud clatter.

"No," Kurt says, voice high and shaky while he tugs at his tie. "What makes you think I’m nervous? I’m fine. It’s just a meeting. Everything’s fine. No one’s nervous. Least of all me."

Blaine bends over to pick up the can of hairspray, sliding his arm carefully around Kurt’s waist once he sets it down. “Okay, c’mere. You look like you could use one of these.”

"One of wha—" Kurt starts to ask, but then Blaine has both arms around Kurt’s waist, squeezing him tightly, and he feels Kurt slump in the familiar embrace. A few seconds later Kurt’s arms are sliding around Blaine’s shoulders and holding him close, nose tucked in at the side of Blaine’s neck.

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A Few Of My Favorite Things
set during EMC

Kurt and Blaine were in Kurt’s room, helping each other decide which of their suits would look best in black-and-white—Kurt having pulled his out of the closet, and Blaine having brought his over in garment bags—when Blaine asked, “What do you think of blowjobs?”

Kurt looked away from the jacket he’d been scrutinizing to scrutinize his boyfriend instead. Blaine was tying and untying a bow tie as he looked at Kurt thoughtfully.

"…I think they’re nice?" Kurt finally said uncertainly.

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At first, he couldn’t be sure what it was that had awoken him.

The room was quiet, shrouded in a darkness penetrated only by the soft blue glow of his alarm clock, his phone lying lifeless and further enshrined in rest than he was. It was quiet, that calm near-silence of darkness, penetrated only by the just-audible rumble of his father’s snoring across the hall and the light buzz of crickets outside the open window.

Then he realized it was the weight of it, that solid little band wrapped snugly around his left ring finger.

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"Ring Around The" - Kurt/Blaine


For kurtsies.  Ring-related handjob smut.  ;)

The first time that they have sex after getting engaged, it’s two weeks later and Blaine is visiting Kurt in New York. There isn’t much time to be alone or do anything profoundly tourist-like, but Blaine is more than happy to putter around by himself while Kurt is in class and at work, and he doesn’t so much mind the caffeine overdose that results from spending hours at the diner where Kurt, Santana, and Rachel work because he gets to watch Kurt look adorably sexy in his little uniform, singing standards and serving cheeseburgers.

He suffers a wicked thrill every time that the light catches the ring on Kurt’s finger, and dissolves into hopeless grins every time that Kurt smiles at him or waves at him just to show it off.

He’d never imagined that such a simple thing could drive him as crazy as it has been but it does and he can’t take his mind off of it, not even when they’re together and there are so many other things about Kurt to re-learn, so many places on his body that Blaine has missed, so many touches, so much physical comfort that they might share.

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